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About Sparkle E

Evette Dabney, owner of Sparkle "E" Entertainment & Promotions of Los Angeles, California, uses her background as an SAG-AFTRA actress with a warm, enthusiastic, and energetic television personality for successful event promotion services. She is an Emmy™-nominated news talent, intriguing writer, and creative force of nature with years of on-air experience.

Sparkle "E" is a great resource to serve as marketing influencer, brand ambassador, experienced talent for hire, social media manager to create campaigns for individual companies, celebrities, special events, and organizations.

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Versatile Talent

Her exuberant personality and polished delivery make her a talent to remember, and one that is highly capable of covering a wide variety of subjects in a unique way that will immediately command the audience's attention. This wise soul stays up to speed with current events and the latest developments in entertainment, pop culture, television, film, fashion, food, travel, and lifestyle trends. She watches hundreds of TV shows, musicals, plays, and movies to keep up with everything trending.


Sparkle E's fashionable style, warm smile, and spirited energy will always leave audiences hanging on her every word. She's a "spirited socialite" who loves to travel, experience the best of everything, entertain, plan special events, and share it with her audience.

Sparkle E

Reviews & Awards

Her reviews on luxury accommodations, restaurants, products, services, and lifestyle finds are highly regarded by the target audiences ages of 18 to 48 and 49 to 59. Sparkle "E" has won multiple awards for broadcasting and community leadership with the Georgia, Kansas, and California press.

Hire Her!

When your organization needs a talented artist who can bring special attention to your product or service, Sparkle "E" can help! She is available for contract work, voice-over work, news, and entertainment assignments, industrials, and corporate presentations.

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